West Virginia Book Festival

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry – I promised you a ranking of the Saw films to wrap up Saw Week, and then I vanished. My vacation started a little earlier than planned, and in the chaos of packing I left my laptop at home.

I’m actually here to tell you about the vacation instead (and also to buy myself some time because if I’m being completely honest, I have no idea where to put Jigsaw into the other movies which I’ve spent over a decade carefully ranking in my head.)

I went to a book festival in West Virginia. I’m here to tell you about it because I met not one, but two of my all-time favorite horror writers.

First I got to meet R. L. Stine, who is one of the first authors I ever remember wanting to meet. He gave a really fun talk to about 3,000 fans, most of whom were quite a bit younger than me. Then he did a book signing and I got three of my favorite Goosebumps books signed, which was pretty much a dream come true.

Then I got to meet Joe Hill, which was just…wow. As a writer there are not a lot of feelings more exhilarating than meeting your favorite writer, and I feel so overwhelmed to be able to say I’ve now done that. He did a short reading from Strange Weather before doing a Q&A and then doing a signing.

There were a lot of things I wanted to say to Joe Hill, and I said virtually none of them. I didn’t mention that I’m a writer or that he inspires me, or even that he is my favorite writer. I didn’t freeze up though, and I feel like all things considered it could have gone a lot worse, especially considering my less than ideal track record meeting people I look up to.

I got my copy of Strange Weather signed and copies of Horns signed for myself and my boyfriend. My parents also went through and surprised me with a few new signed books as well.


It was one of the best, and most inspirational birthdays I’ve ever had.


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