Review: Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

“Remarkable… if not a little perverse.”

As we know all with the premiere of Jigsaw being tonight, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was not in fact the final chapter of the franchise, but it was a vital part of the series and today we’re going to take a look at it.


Note: This is 100% spoiler-free and safe to read.

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter is not my least favorite Saw movie, but it’s pretty far down the list. It’s more entertaining and easier to follow than the fourth one, but the special effects and acting both left something to be desired.

What I will say about this particular installation is that it had one of the best concepts, showing us the scale of the Jigsaw murders and how they’ve impacted the world. It was fascinating to see the support groups, the survivors, and the range of reactions to living through something so traumatic.

It had a lot of weak points, but it does stand out for it’s story and concepts – not to mention that we get to see a couple of familiar faces pop up. All in all I enjoyed it, but I am a little relieved that it’s not the actual final chapter. Now I just hope that Jigsaw can be the riveting conclusion deserved by such an excellent franchise.



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