Review: Saw VI

“You want a chance? I’ll give you a chance.”

Here we move onto the sixth installment in the franchise and despite some stumbles, I think the series was still going pretty strong at this point.


This review is 100% spoiler free.

At six movies, you’d probably think that they’re running out of ideas. Surprisingly this installation was able to bring fresh ideas to the table. We’re no longer looking at the sins of individual wrongdoers, but of an entire system that has become corrupted.

This installation brought more focus on bigger societal issues, as well as the impact of the choices that we make. It took the concept to a larger scale, and overall I’d say it did a pretty fantastic job.

What I think is most impressive about this is that, even while taking the series in a new direction and building toward bigger things, they were still able to expand on Jigsaw’s backstory and add a disturbing, personal touch to the entire narrative.

I still don’t think that the story is as focused as the ones told by the first three movies, but it was a solid film and I think a great addition to the overall arc being told in the series. While the films may have wavered in quality through the middle, I would say they were steadily on track again with the release of this film.



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