Announcement: It Week

Just wanted to make a quick announcement about my blog schedule for this week. As I’m sure many of you know, this Friday will be the opening for what has been one of the most talked about horror sensations of 2017; Stephen King’s It.


In celebration of that, I am declaring this week to be “It Week” on my blog. Here are a list of my upcoming articles:

  • Tuesday: Book Review: Stephen King’s It
  • Wednesday: Mini-series Review: Stephen King’s It
  • Thursday: Trailer Analysis: Stephen King’s It
  • Friday: Movie Review: Stephen King’s It
  • Saturday: Final Thoughts: Stephen King’s It and Its Adaptations
  • Sunday: Top 13: Stephen King Projects I’d recommend before Stephen King’s It

Monday will return to my regularly scheduled (aka not scheduled at all) programming.

I’m looking forward to highlighting, complaining, and dealing with the backlash from this week-long endeavor full of unpopular opinions. I will see you tomorrow and remember, we all float down here.


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