52 Weeks of Worldly Horror ~ Blog Update


I just thought I’d drop in to give everyone who doesn’t follow the tumblr a quick update about an upcoming project I’m working on for the blog here. It is something that has been requested and this seems like an ideal platform for it.

I’m participating in a contest through Writing.Com called “Around the World in 52 Weeks” that I was hoping would broaden my horizons, not just as a writer who wants to learn about cultural representation, but as a horror fan who wants to learn about horror in different countries.

Each week the judges send out a new country for the contestants to research and write about. I’ve been participating for about a month, and aside from being a fun writing exercise, I’ve learned a lot about dark mythology in other  parts of the world. It’s something that I asked about on tumblr and since there has been an interest in it, I have decided to share.

So, starting tomorrow and running until the end of the contest I will be doing a weekly article here on this blog about country-specific horror. I hope everyone enjoys, and I look forward to travelling with you all tomorrow!




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