Promotion: Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall

A lot of my readers on here and especially through tumblr, have asked me to post more advice about writing horror. Since most of my world revolves around writing horror, it’s something that I love talking about – but I’m not the only one who has opinions on it. So today I’m going to recommend a book to you guys; Writing Dark Stories by Rayne Hall.

Writing Dark Stories is part of Hall’s Writer’s Craft series – which is full of wonderful titles that offer tips and tricks for writing different kinds of things. I was honored to get a free copy of this particular installation in exchange for a review, and I was deeply impressed with it.

Although the horror stories featured in the book are far tamer than the majority of the material that I personally read/write/promote, the advice on how to write it is incredibly solid. In fact, a lot of the statements that I read in this book are pieces of advice that I give out regularly.

It covers a lot of stuff, how to use personal fears to fuel your writing and make your piece scarier, how to come up with ideas for new stories, how to end existing stories, where to draw inspiration from, and even provides background on the genre.

If writing scary stories is something that you’re just now getting into or if it’s something that you want to get more serious about, I would highly recommend that you give this book a shot.

It’s available through Amazon for $5.49 (or for free for anyone using Kindle Unlimited.)

Additionally, you can check out Rayne Hall’s site, which also has a lot of very sound advice for aspiring writers, along with a full list of books in the Writer’s Craft series, and some samples of her work. If you’re following me, you’ll probable be partial to “Take me to St. Roch’s” and “Greywalker.”

A special thanks to Rayne Hall, for the free copy of this amazing book!



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