Four Days of Strange Weather

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advanced reader’s edition of Joe Hill’s new book, Strange Weather. That makes this promotional post officially the most exciting pre-release review I’ve ever done on this blog, or pretty much in my life.


I am very honored to be presenting you guys with my thoughts on this amazing collection, which will be available for purchase on October 24th of this year.

Note: Since the book isn’t even out yet, I will be very diligent in avoiding spoilers. While this review will discuss themes and content, there will be no details, plot points, or anything that might ruin the experience for anyone.

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Top 13: Classic Creepypastas

Now that October is here and Halloween is on the horizon, I’ll be spending some more time talking about and directing readers toward free horror content. Where better to start than with a list of my picks for the Top 13 Classic Creepypastas?


maxresdefault (8)

Note: This list is mostly spoiler free, but I have used images from the official creepypasta sites – so consider this your image spoiler warning.

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Movie Review: Gerald’s Game

“-Well, not normal. Never normal.”

After waiting so long for an adaptation of what is one of my all-time favorite novels, I am ecstatic to finally be bringing you my thoughts on the movie Gerald’s Game.


Note: This is a spoiler free review, so you may continue reading safely.

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Book Review: Gerald’s Game

Because this wasn’t their game; this game was all his.

In anticipation of Mike Flanagan’s movie adaptation I have decided to review one of my all time favorite King Novels. This book is a testament not just to the talent of its writer, but to the psychological horror genre as a whole.


Note: Since I would hate to ruin this book for anybody, this review is 100% spoiler free and safe to read.

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Top 13: Stephen King Projects I’d Recommend Before It

For the last five days I’ve been saying that It is not my favorite Book/Movie/Miniseries, but I haven’t been directing you toward Stephen King Books/Movies/Miniseries that I think are better critically, or that you might enjoy more for some reason.

So today I’m going to fix that with my countdown of the Top 13 Stephen King projects that I’d recommend before It. These are the thirteen books, story collections, movies, miniseries and television adaptations that I feel outshine It. I’ve only taken things into consideration that have been or are being adapted so that I can cover multiple mediums for the story as I have done with killer clown-entities this week.

This list is spoiler-free, so you are safe to read these recommendations as you will.

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Final Thoughts: Stephen Kings IT and it’s Adaptations

Now that I’ve had a little more time to process the movie (and have spent a decent chunk of time reading other people’s opinions about the new adaptation) it’s time to recap some of the thoughts I talked about this week and talk about where I stand on everything.

Tim Curry

Note: This, unlike many of the reviews I’ve done this week, will be somewhat vague and 100% spoiler free – so anyone interested may read safely.

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Movie Review: Stephen King’s It

“It wants to divide us!”

Last night I went to the premiere of the movie that inspired “It Week” here on In Defense of the Horror and leaving the theater, I really had to question some of my life choices. Here I had spent all the this time on my blog building up to this movie and trying to convince myself it was going to be good, but the only thought I had on my way home was “that was an experience.”

BUT, you’re not here for vague, unhelpful comments, are you? You’re here to watch me make a bunch of people angry by tearing mercilessly into a film that others seem to anjoy and alienate myself from the rest of Stephen King’s fanbase. So, now that I have slept on it some, I think I’m ready to make some enemies.


SPOILER WARNING: While I feel like it may be difficult to give too many plot-related spoilers to a story that is so well known, I highly encourage you to watch the movie and form your own opinions before reading this. I think this one missed the mark but a lot of fans are enjoying it and I would hate to take that away from anyone before they even see the movie.

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