Review: The Babadook

“The more you deny me, the stronger I get.”

The Babadook is possibly one of the most effective movies when it comes to illustrating the horrors experienced by someone struggling with depression. The memorable visuals from the film are stunning, and the story is timeless.

Babadook Cover

Spoiler Warning: This review covers the symbolism of the movie and talks about the plot in its entirety. It is intended for audiences who are already familiar with The Babadook, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet I suggest you do that before reading this review.

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Scary Proud : Babadook and the LGBTQ Community

Between this blog and the tumblr it evolved from, I have talked about a lot of things. Movies, shows, books, games, comics, music, conventions, creepypastas, urban legends, deep web hoaxes and just about everything in between. The one thing I really haven’t talked about at all, is memes.

Because of their fleeting nature and the amount of time it takes to research articles, I suppose I’ve just never seen them as a particularly practical topic for my blog. However, one of the more recent ones has caught my attention and I think it’s time to talk about this particular internet trend;


The Babadook is being used as an icon for gay pride.

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Book Review: Dead End Girl

I was lucky enough to have gotten a promotional copy of the latest McBain/Vargus title about a month prior to its release and I have been dying to talk about it on this blog. Now I finally have the chance to do – so let’s dig right in.

“Silence of the Lambs meets Fargo.”

This is the marketing pitch that I have seen popping up since the release, and it makes me eternally grateful that I got to read the book before ever seeing that claim.

Between the slow psychological build up of Silence of the Lambs and the dry humor of Fargo, I would have been expecting an intricate, subtle, and slowly paced psychological mystery. I found Dead End Girl to be more or less the opposite of that.

The book’s protagonist, Violet Darger, is a wonderfully expressive character whose emotions run deep and whose actions speak loudly. The book is well suited to her personality; fast-paced, engaging, and written in an enthusiastic tone that shows how deeply the writers felt about this project.

As with any book, Dead End Girl has its flaws. The small town setting leaves the story with an unfortunately squeamish cast and the while the quick pacing helps the story in many places, I felt like some plot points may have been rushed as a result.

Though I did have some small issues with the book, I can confidently say that the good far outweighed the bad.

The imagery was the distinct combination of gruesome and vivid that I have come to expect from anything written by McBain and Vargus. The characters were well-rounded, interesting, and full of surprises with interesting dynamics that kept the story fresh from start to finish. The plot was both compelling and unexpected with surprisingly emotional undertones that shine through brilliantly with each of Darger’s imperfections.

I would highly recommend Dead End Girl for anyone who enjoys action stories with a psychological edge and occasional bits of gore. This was yet another fascinating read from this writing team that I couldn’t put down until the very end.

I immensely enjoyed this, and I hope that you will as well.

You can find your own copy of the book here at Amazon, and check out my shorter, less detailed review of the book here.


Review: Stitches

“-But know this. A clown who doesn’t finish his party act can never rest, and a joke is never as funny the second time round.”


I decided that I would celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by reviewing a seasonally appropriate horror movie that isn’t an installation of the Leprechaun franchise. So today I will be talking about my all time favorite movie from the Irish Film Board, Stitches. (Give me a break guys, I only had Netflix & Hulu movies to choose from today – and Irish Horror is sadly limited.)

Spoiler warning: Although I can’t imagine people being particularly upset to have this movie spoiled for them, that’s something that could happen if you haven’t seen it and continue reading this review. 

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