Book Review: The Killing Season

Hey guys! I just posted an Amazon review for The Killing Season, which is the latest in the Violet Darger series, and I thought that I’d elaborate on my thoughts just a little bit more – for those of you who are interested in my thoughts on what I’m reading.


Spoiler Warning: There are some minor spoilers in this book, so if it is on your list of things to read, I recommend saving this review for later.

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Jigsaw Trailer

Hey guys!

I’m a little late to the blogging party on this one, but I thought I’d drop in and leave my thoughts on the trailer for Jigsaw that was released a couple days ago.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here you are:


Not only am I a huge fan of the franchise, but I owe a lot of my writing career to these movies as well. The first paid, credited writing gig I ever had was for an article analyzing this series. I’ve been so excited to see the story continue.

I have been excited about Jigsaw since rumors started a few years ago about the series being picked up again, but I think it’s important we all recognize going into this that it could go either way – something that I think this trailer sums up pretty well.

We could be getting another installation of a beloved horror franchise that strikes fear in our hearts once more while showing us more of Kramer’s twisted history, or we could be getting a movie that drags an incredible concept further down.

The traps look exciting, inventive and cringe-worthy as we would expect, and the tension in the video was pretty undeniable. However, that could also be said of the Saw: Final Chapter trailers, and we know that was a bit of a let-down overall. The lighting and cinematography (from what I could tell) looks like it’s taking the style in a different direction, which could be a breath of fresh air needed for a resurgence or it could alienate loyal viewers. What could really send it either way is of course, Jigsaw himself.

Having Kramer back in the lead could make or break the film, and I think more than anything the story is going to hinge on how well that’s done. His deep backstory and fascinating moral compass are what kept people invested through even the weakest links in the first seven Saw films. I think we can all agree that John was a better character than any of his replacements, and his traps left us with a much higher level of tension without having to rely so heavily on gore.

That being said, what makes him so compelling is that he was just human. If they bring him back in a way that isn’t plausible, what little credibility the series has left is going to be utterly destroyed. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but it’s going to be difficult and they need to do it just right to keep hardcore Saw fans invested.

I remain cautiously optimistic, but then again, after sticking with the series for over a decade I can say with confidence that I’m going to enjoy it even if it’s terrible.

In Memoriam: George Romero

Yesterday we lost a beloved horror icon. Romero didn’t just make zombie movies, he defined one of the largest and most successful sub-genres. He changed the world through his masterpieces and left behind an incredible legacy.


I’ve seen so many people today discussing his movies and talking about how they were inspired by him. It’s incredible to me how he was able to impact so many people, so many creators.

There isn’t a lot that I can say about him or his work that isn’t already being talked about by horror fans everywhere, but I would like to at least acknowledge that I too have been deeply inspired by this man.

He will always be one of my personal heroes, a legend, and above all, he will be remembered.



Review: Wish Upon

I remember being a teenager, standing in line to get tickets to a horror movie opening day. I wished that other people would care about those events as much as I did, and it’s actually one of the reasons I was so drawn to the idea of blogging. Of course, if I had gotten a mysterious Chinese music box right before I made the wish and it came true to ridiculous proportions the very next day while someone in my life was dying, I might stop and think very carefully before saying the words “I wish” out loud again.

So, there’s a chance I didn’t love the movie.

Wish Upon

SPOILER ALERT: This review has some major spoilers, so consider yourselves warned.

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